Storage FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about storage

  • Is it safe to store electronics in a storage unit that is not heated?
    There should be no problem storing your electronics in a storage unit. The only concern would be moisture. If it is one of those garage door type units then moisture can get inside and damage the components when powered up again. If you have no choice. Try making them water proof as possible and when you remove them for use, leave them at room temperature for a few days. This should evaporate any of the trapped moisture.
  • Help with self storage units? Will my valuables be safe and not become damaged?
    Your best bet is to go to a storage facility where there are cameras and some form of security. They also have climate control in all the units. Many of these containers that people put in front of their homes get broken into and at times the entire unit gets stolen. It is also illegal to have the unit in the street and all cities require a permit if its going to stay a length of time. The permit usually does not allow personal items but building materials only.
  • I plan on putting a regular size dining table, dresser, full size mattress, washer dryer, small dresser into storage. How big of a storage unit will I need?
    Measure everything that needs to be stored and take the measurements to a self storage facility. An associate who works there will probably be able to recommend the correct size storage unit for you.
  • What is the best way to store furniture in a storage unit?
    A suggestion would be to get everthing off of the ground. Storage units are notorious for ruining things because of leaks. The furniture plastic is a good idea. Also, there is a product called Damp Rid that works wonders. It will absorb the moisture in the area.Two to three of them would be efficient. Also, replace them every 4-5 weeks. And lay down some rodent repellent to keep out the insects, mice, and etc.
  • How should I go about keeping my couch looking nice in a storage unit?
    Place each Cushion and pillow in plastic bags and get as much air out as possible. Tape them shut really well.(heavy duty tape) Buy a large roll of plastic (like the kind used for disposable drop cloths when painting) and wrap around the couch and tape it shut really well. Don’t put any heavy boxes or anything on the couch while in storage. If done it runs the risk of indentations or rips being left in the couch.
  • How to keep a storage unit smelling fresh?
    Hanging a couple of scented candle  ”car jars” in the storage space. They are hanging room fresheners shaped like their jar candles. They work very well and come in a variety of scents.
  • What is the best lock to use on a public storage unit?
    Some storage units are offering a large round lock (Chateau is the name brand) and it is very heavy duty. The area of the lock that would normally be cut in a break-in is small and is a great deterrent.
  • Should I insure stuff I put in a storage unit?
    Assuming the storage unit is a seperate third party that will take custody of your goods for a specific period of time for a fee, you should ask them if your belongings are covered against loss to include natural disasters. They normally have policies in place and often sell you additional coverage if necessary.

    When you receive the above information you should inventory those goods and provide the third party with a summary of the value of those goods. This process is called, “declared value”. At that point, the third party has the ability to contest the value of the goods and/or offer you limitations to their coverage. If they contest the goods when a claim is presented you will look much better as their adversity to paying a claim will appear retalitory. At any point, you can explore a policy to cover the uninsured values. It is certaintly a concern to leave any goods unprotected however; it is a waste of money to over-protect.

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